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Best Beers in Europe: the City Beer Guides

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Best Beers in Europe: the City Beer Guides
Photo Indi Scaramajiva / Flickr

Is it a good idea to begin exploring a new city by visiting its pubs and those places where the best beers are made and served? It’s certainly possible, and indeed alternating between museums and bars will add a certain charm and frivolity to the average tourist’s day out.

A good starting point for such a trip would be one of the ‘city beer guides’ which help you explore new cities via 80 different beers worth tasting or places where you can get a drink. The most famous include itineraries for sampling Belgium’s Trappist beers (the Bruges guide, for example, but also the guide on Brussels and the surrounding areas).

In recent years, a lot has also been written on three of Europe’s most famous tourist destinations, Berlin, London and Amsterdam, where you can find some of the world’s most characteristic pubs, each with their own unique atmospheres.

You can buy these guides via the website Books About Beer (no prizes for guessing what this publisher’s specialty is).

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