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How do you like them apples?

By FDL on

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How do you like them apples?

More of an art installation, these simple yet fun apple branch design lights are like a playful take on a chandelier.

Every bulb is encased in an apple transparent shade hanging from a structure designed to resemble the branches of a tree, bringing a stylistic touch of nature inside.

The apple branch is the creation of Studio Ayaskan, a twin designer duo,  based in London and Istanbul coming up with unique concepts. The creations are bespoke and made to order.

The nature loving pair have also invented an innovative expandable plant pot design inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. The concept being to avoid re-potting plants as and when they out-grow their old container.  With the Origami pot, as the plant grows, so does the pot, thus  giving the plants roots sufficient space to grow. The main pluses being, reducing waste of unwanted old pots, and letting the less green fingered of us off the hook avoiding the need for re-potting.

The cross pollination of  Food and design and sustaibability is a dynamic combination and a growing trend which shows no signs of slowing down. Artists are commonly drawn to food for inspiration and the creativity that food offers is vast.

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