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A New Way to Drink Whiskey

By FDL on

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A New Way to Drink Whiskey

A new way to drink whiskey is here and it's called the Antipode. The idea is to change the rate at which people consume whiskey and also how the flavor of the drink transforms over time.

The idea is to encourage drinkers to sip at intervals rather than consume rapidly. A cube of coffee is frozen and placed in the bottom of a glass before the whiskey is poured on top.

Users are then encouraged to sip as the ice slowly melts in the glass. The flavor begins as strong whiskey slowly changing to a coffee mixed with whiskey before finishing on a coffee led flavor with just a hint of whiskey. Or as the makers say 'the diffusion of the frozen coffee cube into the whisky gradually inverts the ratio of each of the drinks individual components, resulting in a glass where the taste balance constantly shifts and ultimately ends at the beginning’s antipode."

All sounds like pretty serious stuff and we can't wait to try.

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