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Make your own Amazing Gravity Defying Cakes

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Make your own Amazing Gravity Defying Cakes

Just when you thought you'd perfected your Tarte Tatin and your croquembouche was reaching new heights, something new comes along to topple your sugary crown. And it's called the gravity-defying cake.

The amazingly constructed cake seems to make garnishes float in mid air, while chocolates and liquid custard are suspended in motion, as if by magic. 

How do you get started on this sweet road to baking prowess we hear you cry.

The carefully constructed cake relies on some secret scaffolding and attentive cake camouflaging techniques provided in the anti gravity pouring cake kit from Lakeland.

Take a look at the simple construction process below and see how you go from average sponge cake to crazy anti gravity cake with the use of a few simple provided tools.

Here's how it's done:

Place your un-iced sponge cake onto the base plate included in the kit, along with a plastic vertical pipe inserted through the cake.  

Next, get to work disguising the plastic tube with some fancy icing work and layering up the truffles vertically around the plastic support heading upward. Top off with the empty upturned box. 

When you're finished and the results are greeted with gasps of awe and wonder and you know you've nailed it.

Watch the construction process in action from start to finish:

You can pick up a gravity defying cake kit from British kitchen shop, Lakeland, or via Amazon

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