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Anti-Grain Flour Is Made From Fruits and Veggies (And It's Gluten Free!)

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Anti-Grain Flour Is Made From Fruits and Veggies (And It's Gluten Free!)
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We've all heard that eating fruits and vegetables does a body good. Well, a couple in Denver is taking that advice literally and has begun producing a gluten-free flour made entirely of fruits and veggies.

Called Anti-Grain, the flour is unique in that it is made solely from produce grown in the United States. It comes in three flavors: apple (which is made from Northern Spy apples), squash (made from butternut squash) and sweet potato (made with only yellow sweet potatoes).

The fruits and veggies are cooked at a low temperature then ground, which allows them to retain their vibrant color. An added bonus? Aside from being gluten-free, the flours are grain-free, nut-free, allergen-free, non-GMO, Paleo friendly, certified kosher and made in the U.S.A.

via Kickstarter

Developed by Jerry and Amanda Roback (pictured above), Anti-Grain has gained enough backing on Kickstarter and is set to hit supermarket shelves in the near future. 

The Robacks, who describe themselves as “from scratch” people, have already developed a handful of sweet and savory recipes using Anti-Grain flour. Some of their yummy creations include homestyle meatloaf, fried chicken, dark chocolate chip cookies and sesame seed bagels.

For more on Anti-Grain and updates on where to purchase it, swing by the company blog.

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