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Anne Hathaway's Catwoman Diet

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Anne Hathaway's Catwoman Diet
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How did Anne Hathaway attain the svelte figure she shows off as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises? The actress followed a strict vegetarian diet and spent long hours at the gym.

''Keeping a consistent weight was hard. I worked really heard, but I wouldn't describe it as killer. I was able to shift my entire life so it became about transforming myself into the character, '' Hathaway told USA Today.

The actress adopted a vegan diet after the filming of The Dark Knife Rises. ''After I finished the rooftop fight [scene], I ate four slices of pizza and split a bottle of red wine with my guy. I hadn't eaten like that in months. I felt so ill. By the time the movie finished I decided to give veganism a try.''

Hathaway joins a slew of celebrities who lead a vegan lifestyle. If you'd like to give veganism a try, we suggest sampling our delicious recipes like vegan zucchini lasagna or vegan Thai sushi rolls.

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