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An Egg-Shaped Treehouse In Canada, Twice Unconventional

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An Egg-Shaped Treehouse In Canada, Twice Unconventional

The HemLoft is a self-funded secret creation that Joel Allen built on crown land in Whistler, Canada.

After a social media startup he worked for shut down and subsequent efforts to retire at 26 failed, Joel began to take long walks through the woods: eventually this led to the decision to build a really amazing treehouse.When he started building it, he was just a fledgling carpenter, living out of his car: Joel didn't have money or land, so he used mostly free materials from Craigslist and built the structure on property that didn't belong to him. 

After building a model to test its strength, Joel and his architect friends made the egg-shaped mini-home a little broader in order to increase the interior space.

Via Inhabitat

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