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You Say To-ma-toe, I Say To-mah-to

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You Say To-ma-toe, I Say To-mah-to
Photo Eric Norris/Flickr

Tam-ay-tow - Tom-a-ta - Pow-tay-tow - po-ta-ta .... Ha-ku-na Ma-ta-ta (no sorry that's the Lion King) but you get what we're talking about. It's food pro-nun-cia-tion or should it be prow-nunc-ciation - we can never tell, and it seems we're not the only ones who have some trouble pronouncing our words.

Joshua Katz, a Ph.D statistics student at North Carolina State University is shedding some light on this matter. He's published a group of 22 maps that visually categorize how Americans pronounce different words. 

The list includes some food words like caramel (or is it carr-ml?), mayonaisse, coleslaw and soda. It's amazing to see a nation divided something as simple as a pecan. Is it pee-KAHN, pick-AHN, PEE-can or PEE-kahn?

How about the word hoagie - do you know what it is? The people in Philly do. Find out where your region ranks by heading over to Business Insider to view the maps.

Via Business Insider

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