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Release Your Inner Child with Cocktail Candy

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Release Your Inner Child with Cocktail Candy

Who would want to drink their drink, when they could eat it? ask the fun loving founders of Smith and Sinclair.  When it comes to their unique line in alcoholic fruit pastilles there's no argument.

Designed to cause a stir, the entrepreneurial duo Melanie and Emile created the "lux, sensual sweet, with a high alcohol content, to get people talking", and it seems to be taking effect.

Spurred on by the success of their home made alcoholic candies handed out to sweet toothed single guests at organised dating nights they have since launched the popular alcoholic jellies into the public domain. Now available in top end London department stores and online they will even take to a pop up store in London for Christmas 2015.

Claimed to be the most alcoholic confectionary on the market the fruit jellies come with a kick from their 6 per cent alcohol volume.

Five varieties of the pastilles were available online at the time of writing, including a floral gin to a peaty whisky selection. And the verdict of The Huffington Post; ' They taste as good as they sound.'

Individual boxes of varying flavours can be purchased online for, £9.99 or inside leading London department stores, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Selfridges. They will also have a crowd funded pop up shop in London, The World's First Immersive Edible Alcohol Shop with plans afoot for a return visit around Valentine's Day.

Fancy trying some more unusual ways to enjoy cocktails? Try a visit to alcoholic architecture for a breathable cocktail experience.

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