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The Ice Cube That Stops You Drinking Too Much

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The Ice Cube That Stops You Drinking Too Much

We've already taken a look at the smart fork that informs users when they've eaten too much and now there's an aid for drinkers to tell them when they've had to much alcohol.

Design by Dhairya Dand, a researcher at MIT, the device sits within an edible ice cube and tracks the amount of sips a person has had and how log they have been drinking for.

The cubes sit inside a drink and flash along to whatever music they pick up - the cubes then slowly change from green to orange and finally to red when they predict that the user is intoxicated.

If people choose to ignore the warnings the drink cubes also have the ability to text a friend and let them know they've drank too much.

The video below shows the cubes in action:

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