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Alain Ducasse's Signature Cookpot for Homecooks

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Alain Ducasse's Signature Cookpot for Homecooks

If you always wanted to cook like Alain Ducasse, his signature cookpotavailable to buy soon, might help you get one step closer.

A fixture on his resturants around the globle the famous French chef along with designer Pierre Tachon, has re-imagined the classic porcelain cookpot for homecooks, into a stream lined tactile pot to lock in flavours during slow cooking. 

The smooth curved pot comes in two sizes, sufficient to feed 2 to 4 people, with each being hand finished by porcelain manufacturer Pillivuyt in the Berry region of France.

Surprisingly simple to use, Ducasse encourages home cooks to get creative, especially with vegetables, like vegetable gratin, although the pot is also perfect for preserving the colours and taste of meat curries and other slow cooked dishes.

80 euros for a set of two pots available from Alain Ducasse website

Here's a look at Ducasse explaining why the pot is so special - and for those that don't speak French, don't let that stop you, the chef's undeniable enthusiasm is infectious, as well as a fascinating look inside the factory and the artisanal care given to each pot will surely leave you wanting one.

Cookpot - Des légumes, du goût, une forme. di alain-ducasse

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