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5 Summer Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

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5 Summer Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed
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Add more fun to your summer with these five kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed. Designed by Spanish kitchenware brand Lékué, which specializes in silicone molds, these gadgets add  bells and whistles to your summer gatherings.

1. The Wind Sail Popsicle Mold  (pictured above) turns ordinary popsicles into a treat remiscent of leisurely days at sea.

2. Giant Ice Cube Tray

Bigger ice cubes melt more slowly, ensuring your drink stays cool longer.

3. Citrus Mister

 This handy tool turns an ordinary lemon (limes, oranges or grapefruit) into a mister so you can spray your dishes and cocktails. 

4. Ice Box

The ultra chic design of this cooler allows you to serve ice cubes in an elegant fashion.

5. Crushed Ice Cube Tray

With just a twist and turn, this ice cube tray produces crushed ice right int the palm of your hand. Perfect for summer cocktails.

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