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5 Modern Cutting Boards

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5 Modern Cutting Boards
Photo Gray Works Design

If you are looking for sleek and modern cutting boards, you'll love these five boards we've selected to share with you. Some are high tech while others double as storage. If you're a sucker for measurements, take a look at the futurustic cutting board we previously featured.

Personally, I am madly in lust with the footed cutting board pictured above. Designed by Gray Works, it's beautiful, functional and adds elegance to any counter top. Below are four more modern cutting boards to inspire you.

The LCD cutting board by Marc Narangeli displays cooking instructions while you chop.

The ES Cutting Board is uniquely designed to allow liquids to flow from the board into a drain.

This bamboo cutting board stores your santoku knives.

The corner cutting board by Peter Meier lets you make the most of your kitchen counter.


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