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New App Lets You Capture 3D Pics of Food

By FDL on

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New App Lets You Capture 3D Pics of Food

Perspective. It’s that word photographer are always banging on about, the important P to remember when trying to capture that perfect image.

When it comes to food snaps, perspective is always important, should the dish be snapped from above, at an angle, eye level - anyone who has spent a bit of time snapping pics will know how much different perspective can dramatically alter the look of a dish.

It’s a constant thing to consider when photographing but what if it wasn’t but what if you could simply capture an image from multiple perspectives and show it off in glorious 3D, just imagine.

Now forget what you imagined and take a look at 3DAround, a clever new app that promises the ability to capture snaps of your food and offer back a fully rendered 3D image. Want to see the chocolate melting of of the side of a cake, simple just spin the image to the point you want, need to flip and look at it from above, just a swipe away.

The app works by taking many images while a user moves their phone around a subject, in the example below a nice slice of chocolate cake. The images can then be viewed through a browser like Chrome with some images available to share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s unknown if the company plan to release a sharing app similar to Instagram or will try to have their images integrated into existing social networks. Either way, the idea of being able to snap and share a 3D image of your latest dish is certainly an appealing feature and one we expect to be immediately taken up by the food world when the app launches for free in November.

At the moment it seems it will only be available for iOS 8 devices on the iPhone 5 and up.

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