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The 3D Printer For Jello Shots

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The 3D Printer For Jello Shots
Photo Mashable

Jello shots have come a long way since the days of Bill Cosby and Jello-O Jigglers. We've seen glow-in-the-dark gin and tonic jelly, gelatin-filled fruit, Irish car bomb jello shooters and the ever so popular rainbow jello shots. But there's one innovation that's turning the jello shot trend on its head: 3D printing.

Software developer Jeroen Domburg, who is based in the Netherlands, has created a tool that injects 3D-printed designs into jello shots. The 3D printer is capable of forming cubes and spirals inside jello shots using a mix of banana liquor, food coloring and cornstarch, Mashable reports.

Domburg created the 3D printer for jello shots out of an old CD-Rom and DVD drives. The device is connected to a syringe and needle that injects fluid into the jelly. The technology is still in its infancy but seems promising given the evolution of 3D printed food in recent years.

Interested in this new technology? Domburg has provided detailed instructions for crafting your very own 3D printer for jello shots.

We bet it's just a matter of time before this nifty device finds its way into the kitchens of innovative chefs like Grant Achatz and Wylie Dufresne.

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