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3D Printed Porcelain Kitchenware

By FDL on

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3D Printed Porcelain Kitchenware

We've looked a lot at the application of 3D printing in the food world. Up until this focus has been on the printing of actual foods. From cookies to the idea of printing meat and now we bring you this 3D printing project from Valissa Butterworth.

Working under the name The Mod Collective - Butterworth has created a set of colorful porcelain kitchenware made using a mix of 3D printing and hand moulding.

Speaking with Not Cot the artists explained: “My porcelain tableware is a fusion of technology and traditional ceramic techniques. Each concept is developed using Design software then printed on 3D printers in various mediums...This process allows me to achieve a rich bold colour range not attainable with glaze...Each piece is made by myself in the studio, the result is a collection of beautifully unique pieces that retain the small marks of the hand made process."

The artists also says that because of the unique production process involved in crafting the porcelain pieces if they are chipped they will not reveal the small white marks that many kitchenware items display. This is because of the way the porcelain is colored using raw pigment during the production stage.

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