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Print Your Own Whisk Appliance at Home

By FDL on

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Print Your Own Whisk Appliance at Home

Imagine the future. You’re in the kitchen about to knock up your aunt Susan’s secret sponge cake recipe but you need to whip the cream. The whisk is broken, thanks to the dog, and a fork just won’t cut it. What do you do?

Simple. In the future you head straight to your 3D printer in the office, download a few blue prints onto the adjoining computer, punch in a few extra details and print yourself a Bamboo Skewer Whisk. This allows you to take the kebab sticks you have in the drawer and fashion a homemade whisk and Susan’s cake gets the finish it deserves.

It might all sound a bit far fetched but printing a small plastic device to allow you to make a homemade whisk is something that’s already happening.

Blueprints for the Bamboo Skewer Whisk can be downloaded from Thingiverse - an online community of 3D printer enthusiast who share the specs they’ve made with each other online. It’s the sort of place you can also download the specs to print your own Spider Man cookie cutters or even a tea cup.

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