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3D Printed Chair Made with Sake and Sugar

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3D Printed Chair Made with Sake and Sugar

3D printed technology is now storming its way into the world of food and with the launch of food printers for the home we expect their application and the creative use of the technology to continue to rise.

Like this project from the London based Designer Daniel Widrig who has created the Degenerate Chair. A chair that has been created using a machine that 3D prints a mixture of plaster, sugar and sake.

Because of the size of the chair it couldn't be printed all in one go, instead Widrig broke the design into three parts and assembled each one after they had printed.

With machines to print 3D sugar cubes, the promise of intricate 3D printed pasta shapes and a 3D printer for pizza, it's safe to say that the world of 3D food printing is only going to get stronger. Who knows what other interesting applications artists such as Widrig will find for the technology.





Via Food Beast

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