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A 3D Chocolate Printer for the Home

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A 3D Chocolate Printer for the Home

Chocoholics, are you sitting down? A Dutch design studio has created a compact 3D chocolate printer for homes and restaurants that will look great resting on your counter top.

The XOCO by Utrecht–based Michiel Cornelissen has a circular plate and a single printing pillar, over which sits a glass cover, giving the 3D chocolate printer an exceptionally sleek look and meaning that you can watch your little chocolate treat being made – out of milk, dark or white chocolate.

The prototype of the 3D chocolate printer just prints domes and X and C shapes, the final designs of which are controlled by an app, but according to Michiel Cornilessen the XOCO "will be able to produce any shape that fits within its building envelope and doesn't violate the laws of physics." It also has an LED ring that visually tracks the printing process.

3D printed food and its place in the culinary arts is a hot topic currently – this new restaurant pop-up where everything is 3D printed, from the food to the furniture and the utensils, caused as much consternation amongst our readers, as it did awe – but the XOCO is one of the best looking examples of a 3D food printer we’ve seen. We can imagine this in homes and experiemental restaurants.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

xoco chocolate printer from Michiel Cornelissen on Vimeo.

All images: Michiel Cornelissen

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  • Shab said on

    This 3D printer could be a dream come true for chocolate lovers. I cannot imagine the variety of flavors and shapes that could be 3D printed. I work for a 3D printing service company, we do all sort of 3D printing but just not edibles. Hoping to start Chocolate printing soon!


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