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Crave-Worthy Book: 1,001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

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Crave-Worthy Book: 1,001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Would you dig into ostrich steaks? Or indulge in Sardinian maggot cheese? Perhaps zebra jerky tickles your fancy? If expanding your palate is one of your New Year's resolutions then you'll get the job done with this guide: 1,0001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die.

This unique book features a compilation of some of the most exotic foods around the world - many of which are rare delicacies worth adding to your bucket list. 1,001 Foods has covered everything from single-press olive oils and Indian spices to urchin sushi and everything in between. 

What makes the book even more valuable is the fact it includes tips on how to eat like a local when traveling, detailed descriptions of every food, as well as history and trivia. This way you'll be well-equipped on your next culinary adventure.

If you are interesting in buying a copy of 1,001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die, don't miss other books in the series. There's one on the 1,001 beers you must try, as well as wines, whiskies and restaurants around the world. You'll find them all here.

Here's a look inside:

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