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Oktoberfest & Co: World's Best Beer Festivals

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Oktoberfest & Co: World's Best Beer Festivals
Photo Peter Kneffel / epa/Corbis

While enjoying a nice cold frosty one at home is fine, why not combine your love for beer with a bit of world travel?

The most important event on the beer calendar occurs every October in Bavaria, Germany: the world famous Oktoberfest has been celebrated since 1800, and involves two whole weeks of appreciating the world’s most refreshing alcoholic drink. It is considered the most visited popular festival anywhere.

Beer is celebrated the world over, throughout the year, however: the Beer Festivals website lists around 900 events, from the very smallest to those famous the world over, which are held from January through December.

This kind of beer tourism can also boast curious destinations which are a little off the beaten path. From Milwaukee, the American city where German beer first arrived, to the Brewery Museum in Burton-on-Trent in the English countryside, to a tour of the Belgian monasteries where Trappist monks have for centuries made their own ‘hop nectar’, to the best bars for sipping an ice-cold cerveza accompanied by tapas from all over Spain. The holiday is served.

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