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10 Places Where To Eat Gelato In London

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10 Places Where To Eat Gelato In London
Photo Ruby Violet

When it comes to the best places where to enjoy gelato in London, the capital is right up there on Italian cool.

Boasting a rich smorgasbord of flavours from authentic Italian to locally inspired with a British twist, the capital has an array of gelatarias serving authentic Italian style ice cream.

What makes gelato so special? - it's arguably one of the most superior ice creams, thanks to whole fat milk, a slower churn rate and serving at a higher temperature with a choice of delicious natural flavourings from fruit inspired to decadent chocolate.

So, if you're feeling the heat in the capital, here are the best places where to eat gelato in London and enoy a cooling taste of Italy.

Here's our scoop on the best gelataria's in town.

1.  La Gelateria in Covent Garden

Freshly made gelato on site with a wide choice of varied flavours from orange zest and dark chocolate to honey and rosemary make this a favourite stop. 


2. Oddono’s Gelati, Various Around London

With a choice of 130 flavours there's something for everyone at this well established chain, wherever you are in the capital.


3. Gelatorino

Classic, artisanal gelato, made and sold in true Italian style, Gelatorino's delectably creamy flavours include amaretto, almond, cinnamon and caramel, as well as fruit sorbets. 


4. Gelupo, Soho

Image: Gelupo/Facebook

The sister brand of restaurant Bocca di Lupo boasts a traditional selection as well as some more original ideas like apricot cake and saffron infused with vanilla.


5. Gelateria 3BIS

Located in the food mecca that is Borough Market here you can find freshly made gelato, all day every day, from the classic flavours where even the pistachios are fresh from Sicily. 


6. Amorino, various across London

Amorino is always a reliable choice for Italian inspired gelato with classic flavours.


7. Snowflake Gelato


Decisions, decisions😋 Which one is your favorite?

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These guys use 100% natural ingredients using organic Jersey milk and cream from Somerset. They also have a range of lactose and gluten-free choices.


8. Ruby Violet


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At Ruby Violet they keep it local, use traditional ingredients and making their gelato by hand.


9. Dri Dri

Inspired by a small gelato shop in his native Italy, founder Adriano de Petrillo has three of his own establishments across London serving Italian inspired flavours. 


10. Scoop

Italian pistachios, single origin chocolates and rich Channel Island milk to signature Stracciatella - just a few of the Italian inspired flavours on offer that will have you ordering scoop after scoop.



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