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Salt Cod Tins at the Vintage 'Conserveira' in Lisbon

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Salt Cod Tins at the Vintage 'Conserveira' in Lisbon

In Lisbon, a historical activity in rua dos Bacalheiros.

Visually, they have a similar impact to the Campbell's soup tins immortalised by Andy Warhol. The vintage style labels of the fish preserves from the historic Conserveira de Lisboa have remained practically unaltered since 1930, just as, in these past 80 years, the preparation method has remained the same.

In the shop crammed with colourful tins, the presence of Regina Ferreira is a guarantee. At 61 years of age, she represents the third generation of the family at the company helm. Three registered trademarks (Tricana, Minor, Prata do Mar), and 120 different types of tinned foods, ranging from normal sardines in oil to tuna, to stewed squid and mackerel roe in oil. All fished in Portuguese waters, they proudly emphasise. And of course, how could they not include tinned salt cod, plain in oil, dressed with garlic, or “A’ lagareiro”: broiled and dressed with garlic.

It is no coincidence that the shop, where they still wrap the tins in paper in the back room, has always stood in rua dos Bacalheiros, a street in Lisbon that is dotted with shops selling bacalhau.

More info on the Conserveira de Lisboa .


Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 34, 1100-071 Lisboa
Tel: +351 218 864 009
Open from Monday to Saturday - 9:00 am to 7:00 pm


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