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Behind the Scenes at 2 Michelin Star Villa René Lalique

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Behind the Scenes at 2 Michelin Star Villa René Lalique

Chef Jean-Georges Klein holds two Michelin stars at Villa René Lalique, Alsace. Here in this short documentary you can see the behind-the-scenes organisation that allows the team to serve up culinary excellence day after day.

Working front-of-house as a waiter until he was forty, before applying all his knowledge and passion to the kitchen, Klein got his first Michelin star in 1988, the second ten years later and the third in 2002. Holding two Michelin stars requires a dedication to excellence, innovation and attention to detail, a lot of which depends on the team you have around you and most importantly the systems in place that allow for creativity.

Elite Life spent the day with Klein, with full access to his kitchen and the staff. What you see is a restaurant that works in harmony, chef Klein like a conductor of an orchestra guiding all parts to play in harmony.

In October 2017, Paul Stradner, the previous two Michelin-star Chef of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden (Germany) joined Klein in the kitchen and the two work in tandem both professionally and personally to constantly elevate the kitchen’s standards.

“The taste always comes first,” says Klein. “The taste is most important. A lot of people say: I'm doing an evolutionary kitchen or modern kitchen. They make blends and things that have no sense. And it will be nothing but beautiful. If it's not good, it's nothing. The «beautiful» will be nothing in a plate. Food must be good before all. Beautiful after. Beautiful and good — that's good. But only good and not tasty — it's not the way you should cook. I am categorical”.

“Actually, the reality is… For the same price that you pay here, you may be able to eat a pizza once. But if you want something exceptional, you can have tasting menu here, at 2 Michelin stars Villa René Lalique”.

“I cook evolutive. We are not into the classics or total modernity. We take the base of the French cuisine. And we begin to evolve through new techniques...”

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