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5 Unique Restaurants To Add To Your Bucket List

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5 Unique Restaurants To Add To Your Bucket List
Photo Soneva Kiri Resort

As a foodie, there are just some things you've got to do before you die. It's too bad you can no longer dine at el Bulli but there are other exciting culinary adventures left to enjoy. To help you out, we've spanned the globe searching for restaurants that offer top thrills. Here's our list of five unique restaurants to visit before you kick the bucket.

1. Underwater Dining in the Maldives
Dive into an underwater dining adventure at Ithaa restaurant in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort. The restaurant is set 16 feet under sea level.

2. Dinner in the Sky
Dinner in the Sky is a globe-trotting restaurant that offers thrill-seeking foodies the opportunity to enjoy a Michelin-starred meal as they hover above the city on a platform styled like a restaurant.

3. Dine at an Ice Castle in Findland 
Bundle up and enjoy a gourmet meal at a restaurant made of snow and ice. Perhaps your palate will be sharper at minus 5° Celsius.

4. Fine Dining at a Treetop Restaurant in Thailand 
Enjoy a relaxing treetop dinner with a seaside view at Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand.

5. Cliffside Dining in France

Nible on delicious food while enjoying a bird's eye view of the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea at the cliffside restaurant Le Nid d'Aigle.

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