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Finland's Snow And Ice Castle Restaurant

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Finland's Snow And Ice Castle Restaurant

Next time the summer heat gets you down, consider booking an evening at the Snow Castle restaurant in Finland. The Snow Castle offers the unique experience of staying at a hotel and dining in a restaurant completely made of snow.

The Snow Castle was built in 1996 in the city of Kemi and was inducted in the Guiness World Records as being the first snow castle with the longest snow walls. The castle offers the same ammenities as a regular hotel, but at minus 5° Celsius. That means you have to bundle up in order to endure freezing temperatures.

Menu items at the Snow Castle restaurant include local fish like salmon and perch served with vegetables. You will also find an array of soups and even lamb on the menu.  The Snow Castle is rebuilt every year and will reopen 26th of January, 2013.  To partake in this cool dining adventure make your reservation on the restaurant's website.

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