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Unique Restaurant Only Hires Twins

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Unique Restaurant Only Hires Twins
Photo Screenshot via Youtube

A restaurant in Moscow has an interesting gimmick for attracting customers: it only hires identical twins as servers. Called Twin Stars, the unique restaurant is the brainchild of owner Alexei Khodorovsky who, as you might have already imagined, is fascinated by twins.

Khodorovsky got the idea of hiring twins from his favorite childhood movie Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors in which a girl goes through a mirror and meets her twin in an alternate world. 

Although it was quite a challenge to find twins with experience in the industry, Khodorovsky has succeeded at creating a unique restaurant that makes customers do a double take. The identical twins dress in the same attire to wait tables, mix drinks and entertain guests.

What do you think? Would you dine at a restaurant that only hires twins?

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