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Copper Lines From The Pans To The Walls at Union Restaurant

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Copper Lines From The Pans To The Walls at Union Restaurant
Photo Mark Niedermann

Cooking in copper pots has long been tradition in some high-end restaurants. The metal is loved by chefs because it conducts heat evenly, which is an obvious advantage when cooking. If copper is good for cooking, is it even better on walls?

Swiss architect Aurélie Blanchard seems to think so. Aurélie decked out UNION restaurant in Basel with cooper-lined walls and spherical lamps, lending a dark and intimate atmosphere to the multi-cultural restaurant. 

The warm-hued copper design coats restaurant counters, dangles from the ceiling in the shape of globe lamps and covers flower vases. The copper theme is one of many innovative kitchen designs recently unveiled. It was designed to compliment the dark green dining room, which is outfitted with large oak tables. This innovative restaurant design allows diners to enjoy a cozy environment while savouring old American classics like BBQ ribs.

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