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Tuscan Postcards | Viareggio To Taste

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Tuscan Postcards | Viareggio To Taste

Viareggio is a wonderful town by the sea in the province of Lucca, in the north-west of Tuscany. Among its most famous attractions is the carnival, lasting for the whole month of February with its carnival floats, parade and enormous papier-mache sculptures.

Thanks to an ancient fishing tradition, seafood reigns supreme on the tables of Viareggio. Here you can find the famous Caciucco Viareggina style, a hot soup based on seafood, with slices of toasted tuscan bread laying on the bottom, a true delicacy able to surprise at each and every taste. The recipe indeed contemplates the use of fresh fish, and its taste changes according to the kind of fish the fishing boats provide each morning.

The tour of the modernist masterpieces of Viareggio, with their big artistic impact, is very interesting. Don't miss the Cinema Savoia (opened in 1929), with its unmistakable ceramic decorations, inspired by Viareggio shores, the Gran Caffè Margherita, attended by the master Puccini, characterized by its dome-onion shaped roofs, a symbol of the city since the 30's and the Dulio 48 Warehouse, made from wrought iron with cement floral applications making it the biggest liberty architecture emblem of the city.

Viareggio is not only about its sea, just a few kilometres away you can find and buy the best oils of the area. By Fubbiano Farm, the olives are picked both by hand and machine and are immediately brought to the oil mill to extract the extra virgin olive oil Fubbiano Dop Lucca, clear at the sight, yellow with green reflections, with herbal fragrances and a strong flavour, and pleasant notes from bitter to spicy. You can't miss a taste!

Fattoria di Fubbiano
Via di Tofori Fubbiano, 6 – Capannori (Lucca)
Tel. +39 0583 978011, Website

Evocative is to walk by the dock where the fishermen are on their boats, shouting with their unmistakable tuscan accent to attract the people passing to see the cuttlefishes, the soles, the polyps and all the seafood just fished. Walking further, after the pedestrian bridge you can pass through the shipyards, an outright museum for boats and ships lovers.

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