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Tuscan Postcards | Sorano To Taste

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Tuscan Postcards | Sorano To Taste
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Sorano is a small medieval village in the Grosseto province, located just 80km (50 miles) south of Florence and bordering the region of Lazio. Placed on a tuff rock, it is surrounded by the sinuous hills of the area, with a gaping landscape.

Grosseto's ancient tradition of eating game is present across tables in Sorano in the form of a unique dish with a strong taste: the Pappardelle with minced boar meat sauce. Pappardelle is a kind of long durum wheat pasta, similar to tagliatelle, but wider. It is dressed with finely chopped boar meat which has simmered in tomato sauce and herbs for several hours. This long cooking time is what gives the dish its intense flavour: it has a long finish and ignites every sense.


You can discover the beauty of Sorano by walking by its stone houses, its narrow alleyways full of arches, stairs and picturesque couryards. The sight of the Fortress Orsini in amazing, with its room full of fresco paintings and underground passages dug through the rocks. The fortress, built in the 11th century and then enlarged during the following centuries, boats two impressive bastions connected by solid walls and surrounded by a moat, now dry.

The typical product of Sorano is certainly the bean that goes by the same name as the town. Characterized by its smooth flesh and thin skin, it is perfect for soups, pottages and side dishes. At the Farm Fonterosa you can buy several kinds of legumes and essential ingredients for the typical Tuscan gastronomy.

Az. Agr. Fonterosa Loc. Filetta
Podere Fonterosa
Sorano (Grosseto)
Tel. (+39) 0564 615483

The lovers of archaeology won't be disappointed here. The Archaelogical Park of Tufo, which extends from Sorano to Pitigliano, is in fact one of the biggest attractions of the area, including the famous necropolis of the ancient Etruscan people. Visiting a place full of charm and mystery is something you can't miss.

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