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Tuscan Postcards | Prato to Taste

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Tuscan Postcards | Prato to Taste

About 20 km to Florence, Prato is the second most populated city of Tuscany after the chief city.

In Prato you can't miss to eat the famous Cantucci biscuits. They are small dried pastries made of eggs, flour and almonds, cooked in the oven and served with Vin Santo, where to dip them before tasting.

The Museum of wall painting is an emblem of the artistic wealth of Prato. Countkless are the works kept here, as the stunning Natività by Filippo Lippi, where the face of the Virgin seems to be the one of his beloved. The treasure of this museum in the cloister of the XIII century, with duotone porch and arcades on both sides.

In addition to famous Cantucci, another gastronomic product representing Prato is Mortadella, a cold cut made of pork meat. At the Salumificio F.lli Conti mortadella is produced according to the ancient tradition but using lean meats taken from the shoulder of the animal and from the recut of ham and not aa in the past using discarded cuts.

Salumificio Fratelli Conti
Via San Giusto, 9h/7
Tel. +39 (0)574 630192, Website

You can't miss to visit the Cultural Yards, located in the former Public Sloughterhouses, areas dedicated to young people where the township has been processing for several years a project for the youth's artistic production and its promotion. The Cultural Yards represent an institutional structure meant to give a answer to the needs of the artistic environment of young people ,and to grant young artists and cultural operators a chance to known, to work and to be introduced.

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