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Tuscan Postcards | Cortona To Taste

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Tuscan Postcards | Cortona To Taste

The town of Cortona is located 62 miles (100 km) to Florence and just about 20 miles (30 km) to Arezzo at the top of a hill, full of art and breathtaking landscapes.

In this area you can taste “Acquarotta”, a soup cooked throughout the region with some variations from town to town. In the provence of Arezzo Acquarotta is made with broth, swiss chard, carrots and seasonal vegetables served with Tuscan bread “crostoni” and rind. Otherwise, you can go for the most famous "Pappa al Pomodoro":  a dish coming from the poor tradition made with tuscan hard bread, peeled tomatoes, basil and plenty of extra-virgin olive oil of the area.

On the inside of Cortona's Duomo you can find the Diocesan Museum, keeping a priceless small artistic collection. In Room 1 of the museum there is a beautiful Roman sarcophagus depicting the fight between Dioniso and the Amazons. Instead, in Room 3 you can admire the stunning Cross painted by Piero Lorenzetti.

The famous “Salumificio Le Delizie Toscane – Poderi Polezzi di Cortona”, sells cold cuts wholesale and retail. Here the cold cuts are not just sold but also produced - they raise two breeds of pigs, the white one and the one of “Cinta” Siena Style, fed only with feed produced in the farm. The is a wide variety of products: Tuscan ham PDO, capocollo, loin and salami.

Le Delizie Toscane
Poderi Polezzi Località Petraia
Tel. +39 (0)575 678008

About 2 miles (3 km) from Cortona you can find “Le Celle” Franciscan hermitage, inspiring all who visit to start an alternative lifestyle, in symbiosis with the surrounding nature. This hermitage is lost in the thick woods. Remarkable are also the group of rustic buildings on the bank of the small stream with its stone bridge of the XVI century. The atmosphere is extremely quiet and the silence is broken only by the sound of the bells of the monks.

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