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The Rollercoaster Restaurant

By FDL on

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The Rollercoaster Restaurant

We've had restaurants at the bottom of the sea and a restaurant on the side of a mountain. We recently travelled to Thailand to bring you the restaurant manned by a dancing robot and now from Hamburg in Germany we bring you the Rollercoaster Restaurant.

With no waiting staff, the Schwerelos & Zeitlos restaurant, offers diners a unique way to order and have their food delivered. Rather than a conventional order diners use touch screens to choose what they want. The food is then rolled to the table through a intricate and system of tracks that run throughout the room.

Diners also set their own table with cutlery and glasses found on a second roller table in front of the dining area. Food whizzes around the room  as it's delivered to tables and it all seems to make for a rather strange and clinical atmosphere.  

We like it for a talking point but as with the robot waiters in Thailand - it's all a little impersonal and a rollercoaster delivery service poses one valid question - How do you return a dish if it's too salty?

Schwerelos & Zeitlos
Harburger, Schloßstraße 22
21079 Hamburg

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