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The Butterfly Restaurant

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The Butterfly Restaurant
Photo Abigail King

Every now and again you experience something special in a restaurant - it might be a great waiter, a sublime dish or a beautiful setting. Or, in the case of the Alva Park Hotel in Spain, a fully automated chandelier, falling snow and a butterfly room.

That's because within this hotel lies an exclusive dining room reserved for guests only. The room features a long table adjourned with crystal glasses and automated lighting Walt Disney himself would be proud of.

Before diners receive any food loud music begins, chandeliers rise and a long black drape in the parallel room slowly pulls back to reveal a fully functioning tropical butterfly sanctuary. Dinner includes high end fine dining, scallop tartare, sauteed foi gras, beef in red wine reduction - to name just a few.

And if automated chandeliers, butterfly rooms and quality dining don't impress. The meal's grand finale is revealed when the roof above diners slowly opens showing the sky, stars and of course falling snow from the restaurants very own foam machine.

Alva Park Hotel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lloret de Mar, Spain

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