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How to Cook Stem-to-Root: Workshops in New York

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How to Cook Stem-to-Root: Workshops in New York

Cooking without waste is a priority for many these days and now there's workshops to show you how to optimise your produce in the kitchen.

These come in the form of a class in New York, organised by chef Ronna Welsh. She teaches people how to make use of everything in their refrigerator and all done without too much preciousness.

Her workshops set out to teach people how to create a dinner in just a few minutes at the stovetops, using leftovers and a little bit of 'improvisation'. Learn to choose the best products and organize your pantry, your fruit and vegetable storage bins, and reduce your trash to it's bare minimum, thanks to a savvy program and special tricks to prepare what might at first appear to be throwaway parts.
So before throwing something down the garbage disposal, you’d better think twice. But don’t take our word for it, it’s a tip from a great chef… 

To learn more about this workshop take a look at Purple Kale Kitchenwork's website.

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