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The Smallest Restaurant in the World

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The Smallest Restaurant in the World
Photo Solo per Due/Facebook

If you are looking for a unique romantic dining experience, a visit to the world's smallest restaurant is in order. Elegant, cozy and set in a historical villa, Solo per Due is a restaurant with seating just for two.

Located about an hour north of Rome, Solo per Due offers you and your loved one the opportunity to dine by candlelight as you soak in the building's 19th century decor. It's an enchanting atmosphere complete with a Memory Book signed by guests gushing about their experience.

via Solo per Due/Facebook

Here's a wonderful description on the restaurant's website:

''When you are ready for your meal, the lights go down, the atmosphere takes on a magical quality, and you can summon the waiter whenever you like with a silver bell. Many of our guests say they feel that they have gone back in time, but perhaps it is just that our guests are the kind of people who are still able to feel moved…''

Ready to be seduced by the smallest restaurant in the world? 

Then make sure you reserve your spot way ahead of time as Solo per Due serves less than 1,500 people a year. The restaurant features seasonal Italian fare and is open for lunch and dinner. An average meal costs about $335 per person.

Solo per Due
Via Villa di Orazio 2
02040 Vacone Rieti, Italy
+39 0746 676873

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