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Shaved Ice: "Cotton Candy but Cold"

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Shaved Ice: "Cotton Candy but Cold"
Photo SnoBar

If ice cream and cotton candy were to elope, the result would be the beautiful shaved ice creations being churned out by SnoBar in Los Angeles. The shop specializes in selling creamy shaved ice that is light as a feather and under 150 calories and that's good news for dieters in the City of Angels. 

SnoBar's signature shaved ice is based on a traditional Taiwanese dessert. It is advertised as being handmade with natural ingredients. The result is a velvety ice that is paper thin and sold in flavors like mango, rose, honeydew and taro. So far, SnoBar is getting rave reviews. An enthusiastic fan, quoted on the store's website, had lots to say about this shaved ice sensation: ''For those of you who have not had this type of dessert, think of cotton candy, but COLD. It's light, fluffy and simply will be addicted. This is the next big thing. Yogurt places, watch out!''

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