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The Kitchen Playground for Tech-Loving Cooks

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The Kitchen Playground for Tech-Loving Cooks

Are you a home cook who has watched food shows such as Chef’s Table and are fascinated with all the foaming, smoking, centrifuging and liquid-nitrogen yielding skills of the world’s top chefs? Or maybe you are a tech geek who loves cooking with the latest gear but don’t have the space or budget to try them?

A new open kitchen space in San Francisco allows you to indulge in all of the above. Founded by an ex-programmer with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, the Tinker Kitchen is kitted with the latest commercial-grade cooking equipment and allows for home cooks or professional chefs to drop-in and try their hands at experimenting, learning or simply cooking that evening’s dinner with all the specialty gear and ingredients available at the 158 square metre social kitchen. 

Operating on a flexible membership program and daily drop-in passes, the Tinker Kitchen makes it easy for city-dwellers with cramped spaces or ambitious cooks with limited budgets to experience cooking with the best professional tools available in an easy to access, open environment. It is also a recreational food space ideal for cooking workshops and group events.  

The list of kitchen gear that the Tinker Kitchen provides is impressive and enough to get any passionate cook or tech lover excited. Some of these include a liquid-nitrogen ice cream maker, commercial-grade pasta extruder, a Pacojet micro-puree machine, a freeze dryer, chamber vacuum and tools for making chocolate from the bean. 


New campanelle die makes beautiful pasta! /cc @pastabiz

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Founder Dan Mills is a former tech-programmer who admits is “obsessed with kitchen equipment” and has been patiently accumulating gear over the last few years. Having taught food science classes to thousands of people in the past, he combined his passion for cooking and teaching to create this interactive cooking space.


This is what two and a half pounds of pure dark chocolate looks like.

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