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Unique Restaurants: The Geometric Bar

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Unique Restaurants: The Geometric Bar
Photo Michel Giesbrecht/Design Boom

At Wikibar in Paris, you'll definitely be awed by the cool hexagonal installation hanging from the ceiling. But the restaurant's geometric design isn't all that will inspire you - the food will too.

The café dishes up food that comes in edible packaging known as WikiCells, which was developed by Harvard professor David Edwards. You'll find yogurt that can be eaten without a spoon, ice creams that don't melt, and cheeses that dont' need foil.

If you enjoy the eco-friendly menu while sitting at the bar, the light shining through the hexagon on the ceiling will reflect on the countertop, giving the place a molecular aura.

Wikibar's unique restaurant design is the work of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur who wanted to merge science, art and technology. Lehanneur also designed the restaurants's bold metallic gate.

4 Rue de Bouloi
Paris's first district

Via Design Boom

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