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Supper Clubs: Secret Food Meeting Around the World

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Supper Clubs: Secret Food Meeting Around the World

What about having the luxury of enjoying the creations of a gourmet, professional chef, in the intimacy of a private home? It’s the latest trend in fine, “social” dining…

This is the craze of the moment, and it’s also becoming a new form of gastro-tourism. Secret supper clubs: secret restaurants in which a chef offers up his wooden spoon (usually once a month) and dons his chef’s whites at a private home, in honor of the members of the club. The location of the dinner is kept secret until the very last minute: you find out where it is by giving a password and following the group on Twitter, receiving an email at the last minute. The price is more or less what you’d pay for a dinner in a restaurant.

The dining experience, however, is worth the wait and the suspense: the menus always feature delicious food which can be experienced in an intimate, cozy environment. In London there are already over 70 secret supper clubs, but they’re also very popular in France, Germany and the United States. You can find a selection of them here.

The hardest part is your first step - finding a club to join. And if, during the dinner, the police turn up, the guests have all devised a common alibi: They all suddenly start singing “Happy birthday”, and pretend they’re all there for a party… in honor of the chef.

To read an exclusive reportage from the Manchester's Spice club click here!

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