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The Dancing Robot Waiter

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The Dancing Robot Waiter

We've looked a lot at a lot hi-tech kitchens and equipment at FDL and even brought you robots that can bake cookies - but this next video really is the future of dining.

Filmed at the Hajime Restaurant in Thailand, it shows how the service in the restaurant is provided entirely by robots. Guests order food from touch screen devices before the samurai robot goes off to collect and deliver their order.

On top of delivering food the robot has an entertainment mode which means that every now and again it spontaneously burst into dance - like some sort of binary glee but in a restaurant. It's certainly a unique concept and surely attracts custom purely on the rumor of dancing robot waiters.

After all the novelty of something like this wears off - can a robot, dressed in what looks like a child's plastic samurai suit, really replace a well trained server with a knowledge of the food he is presenting? Have a look and let us know what you think...

Monopoly Park, Rama3 Soi61, Bangkok - Thailand, 10120

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