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5 Crazy Cool Robot Restaurants

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5 Crazy Cool Robot Restaurants

In a galaxy not so far away, robots are becoming the latest trend in dining. In high-tech restaurants around the world robots are in charge of waiting tables, mixing drinks, preparing food, and even entertaining guests by dancing and singing. Curious about where to enjoy a robotic dining experience? Here are five cool robot restaurants worth visiting:

1. Japan's Wild Robot Restaurant

For a unique dining experience head on over to Tokyo's Robot Restaurant. A $37 cover charge lets you enjoy a three hour-long caberet featuring giant robots, fake geishas, neon lights and a bento box to keep hunger at bay.

2. The Restaurant with the Wall-E Waiter

Haohai Restaurant in China employs 18  robots servers. Among them is one modeled on Pixar's adorable character Wall E. The robots can prepare drinks, serve dumplings, noodles and even clean plates and cutlery.

3. Chinese Noodle Robots

Throughout China you'll find a plethora of noodle-making robots. They blend dough, shape it and cut it accordingly so diners can enjoy a plate of perfectly sliced noodles. There are over 3,000 robots operating at noodle bars around the country.

4. The Dancing Robot Waiter

At Hajime Restaurant in Thailand diners can enjoy service provided entirely by robots. Guests order food from touch screen devices before the samurai robot goes off to collect and deliver their order.

5. The Robotic Coffee Shop

Would you like to savor robot-made coffee? At the University of Texas you'll find a fully automated coffee shop powered by robotic technology. Users step up to the machine, input their order and the machine takes care of the rest.

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