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London Gets a Posh Porridge Cafe

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London Gets a Posh Porridge Cafe

They say porridge is a perfect start to the day, a breakfast of champions, but a new cafe in London is banking on serving it all day long.

London’s first Porridge Cafe is offering a monster menu of different porridges the venture is the work of Nik & Elly who say they noticed a trend for huh quality and interesting porride on a trip they took to Scandinavia.

Passion fruit, coconut & agave nectar on a buckwheat and coconut milk base.

Since then the duo have dreamed up a truly interesting menu, including: grain rolled oats with a base of organic skimmed milk, honey and topped with dicd baked apple, organic raisins and cinnamon.

The duo say they’ve done a lot of research into porridge and have chosen 11 grains that they think taste great.

Plum apricot & pear with flaxseed on Barley & Rye.

There are also some risottos on the menu with the slow roasted chicken, leek and cream cheese with Arbario rice sounding delicious.

It seems London’s seeing a few new cafe’s focusing in on particular foods, the Cereal Killer Cafe opened recently, serving a range of different breakfast cereals.

70 Paul Street 
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