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Orecchiette: The "Little Ears" of Pasta from Southern Italy

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Orecchiette: The "Little Ears" of Pasta from Southern Italy

Apulia’s industrious people - living in the South of Italy - have inherited great culinary traditions based on local ingredients and cultural exchanges.

One of the area’s most famous foods is orechiette, a distinctive pasta made with durum wheat, salt and water, and formed in a very particular shape that resembles human ears. Hence the italian, "orecchia" (ear) and "ette" (little).

In Cisternino, located in the historic zone of Itria Valley, typical orecchiette are prepared with either horse meat ragout or with a delicious spring vegetable called cime di rapa (turnip greens).

Both the shape and texture of orecchiette make this robust pasta ideal for a variety of combinations, especially with vegetables.

Take a look at the traditional technique of making each indivdual little ear by hand:

Here's a trio of orecchiette recipes that'll immediately transport you to the region :

Granana Orechiette  Pasta with mushrooms and parmesan

 Orecchiette are given a chef makeover by chef Edwin Soumang in this delicious vegetarian dish prepared with Orecchiette di Gragnano, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.

Orecchiette Pasta with Rocket and Tomato

This simple recipe for orecchiette will captures traditional Italian flavours and brings them straight to your table.

Orecchiette with beans and rocket pesto

If you're looking for a heartier dish try this orecchiette pasta with arugula, tomatoes, spinach and kidney beans.


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