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The Hi Tech Audio Restaurant

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The Hi Tech Audio Restaurant

Ever sat in a restaurant only to slowly find yourself getting annoyed at the loud and rather obnoxious man on his mobile phone, or the family who have a screaming baby. It's one of the potential pitfalls of a dining out, but what if you could block it all. What if you could choose what to hear in a restaurant and no matter how loud it was, be able to hear the person in front of you clearly?

A sound designer from Meyer sound has helped restaurant owner, John Paluska , design a sound system in his Comal restaurant in California that ensures diners can always hear each other, no matter how loud the background sound is.

Using around 123 speakers and microphones the restaurant picks up the natural sound of diners, feeds it into a computer and then play it back through small speakers.

While the audio from each table in the restaurant is processed by the computer, clever technology cancels out background sounds and plays back the conversation diners are having. The settings and volume are all controlled by Paluska from his ipad. A true tech solution to the problem of not being able to hear dining companions in a restaurant.

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