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New Coffee Shop Charges by the Minute, Not the Cup

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New Coffee Shop Charges by the Minute, Not the Cup
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People often say that those hogging the seats and the Wi-Fi in coffee shops should be charged by the minute and now those who like to take their time over a hot beverage are being – at a new New York coffee shop.

Glasshour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which claims to be the first pay per minute “anti cafe” in the US, charges customers $6 for the first hour they’re there and then 10 cents for every minute thereafter, up to four hours, reports Grub Street, meaning the maximum a customer will pay is $24 – cheaper than renting desk space.

During that time the customer is welcome to drink as much coffee (or tea) and chow down on as many snacks as they like, and, use the Wi-Fi to their heart’s content. Cue scenes of caffeine-induced delirium at closing time.

They have plenty of distractions from the mobile grind too, including a variety of board and table games.

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