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New York's Best Picnic Locations

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New York's Best Picnic Locations

New Yorkers have a real passion for picnic rugs thrown on the grass. Here is a list of some not-to-be-missed locations

Riverside ParkA bucolic green space stretching between the river Hudson and Riverside Drive, where the din of traffic gives way to a delightful sea breeze.

If you are in the area of the trendy Meatpacking district, shop at the Chelsea market and make for the High Line: the second section of this park has only been open for a few months and it is now more popular than ever.

If you want to get a glimpse of what impressionist painters raved about, drop by the Wave Hill Public Garden, a public garden dominating the river Hudson and the Palisades in the Bronx district. Be sure you don’t miss the cool wooded path that delimits the park and the pond with Monet-style water lilies.

From Fort Greene Park, on the other hand, you will enjoy a marvellous view from the hills of one of Brooklyn’s most fashionable areas.

For a perfect combination of nature and art, head for the Socrates Sculpture Garden in Queens where you are likely to find yourself in the middle of an outdoor art exhibition. The garden has been converted into an exhibition space that encourages interaction with the artists’ work.

Finally Picnic Point on Governors Island (in the picture) is the perfect outing for a lazy weekend in New York. Take the ferry to the island: eight hectares of greenery awaits you…

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