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The World's Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Costs $150,000

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The World's Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Costs $150,000

While most people are scrambling for last minute Thanksgiving preparations and gearing up for the inevitable cooking marathon that takes place this time each year, some may be choosing to eat out instead, and willing, they may even pay $150,000 at that. 

The Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan has revealed the exclusive Thanksgiving dinner menu to celebrate their 150-year anniversary - it’s the oldest continuously operating steakhouse in America - and they are selling packages at $150,000 each. 

With a meal ticket dubbed the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner, what you get is as good as gold. Featuring the “golden standard of turkey” according to co-owner Marc Sherry, the Thanksgiving roast turkey comes covered in edible gold. We doubt anybody here will be complaining of a dry turkey, when they can pull out the keys to a Maserati 2018 Levante straight from its breast. 

The “most expensive stuffing in the world” of this gold turkey is made of Japanese pork that costs $475 per pound, and both white and black truffles, while the turkey gravy is infused with a $3,300 bottle of bourbon. 

You won’t want to miss the sides at this Thanksgiving dinner. Mashed potatoes are en-riched with cheddar cheese that costs $325 per pound, brussel sprouts are glazed with oranges with a price tag of $75 each, and of course a good dose of Grand Marnier. 

Sherry ensures that the most expensive ingredients from all around the world feature on this menu, and he’s got even the Ukraine covered thanks to the Caspian sea caviar on the roast butternut squash. 

This millionaires' Thanksgiving menu includes plenty of good wine, and the personal suggestion of Sherry is that “you drink a lot of wine, to ease the pain of the $150,000 cheque you’re going to write.” 

This is not first time the longstanding steakhouse has shocked the world with it’s ostentatious menu - they famously prepared a $76,000 Thanksgiving menu in 2017, which incredulously sold four packages. 


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