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What to Pick Up At The Market? Let A Chef Do The Shopping For You

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What to Pick Up At The Market? Let A Chef Do The Shopping For You
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Wouldn't it be great to have a chef pick out ingredients for you while you shop? Well, that's one dream that is within your reach.

At a handful of farmers' markets across Milan, you will have the unique opportunity of buying groceries that were hand picked by Michelin-starred chefs. The grocery bags, priced at 20 euros each, are full of healthy ingredients to make a 3-course dinner for four.

Aggiungi Un Pasto A Tavola (which translates to 'Add A Plate to the Table') is an exciting initiative developed in collaboration with Identitá Golose, an international food congress held annually in Milan.

The first farmers' market event was held 16th April. Up coming events will be Friday and Saturday 20-21 April starting at 11 a.m.

Participating chefs are
Aimo MoroniLuogo di Aimo e Nadia restaurant  at Wagner Market (Piazza Wagner)
Davide Oldani, D'O restaurant at Ticinese Market (Piazza XXIV Maggio)
Viviana Varese, Alice restaurant at Morsenchio Market (largo Guerrieri Gonzaga)
Pietro Leemann, Joia restaurant at Ca' Granda Market (Via Moncalieri)
Carlo Cracco, Cracco restaurant at Prealpi Market (Piazza Prealpi)

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