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Lightbulb Drinks Have Arrived, Here Is Where To Find Them

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Lightbulb Drinks Have Arrived, Here Is Where To Find Them
Photo Darling Cafe/Instagram

Would you drink a smoothie out of a lightbulb? We're not sure who came up with this concept but this bright idea is taking social media by storm. 

Lightbulb drinks are popping up everywhere, from boba tea shops in California and Asian night markets to dessert bars in New York City and even smoothie spots in Australia.

Are Lightbulb Drinks Safe?

Although it is clearly a marketing technique, it is hard to the deny the appeal of a beverage served in a lightbulb glass. The colour comes through beautifully, the curved shaped of the glass is enticing and the addition of a straw makes it pop.

If you want to make these at home don't go using just any lightbulb as a beverage holder. The lightbulb drinks featured here are served in special food-grade glassware shaped like a lightbulb. They are available for purchase here.

Where To Find Lightbulb Drinks

If you love the idea of a lightbulb drink here is an international guide to finding one near you:

Lightbulb Drinks in Canada

Royal Tea/Instagram

A visit to Toronto must include a stop at Royal Tea where you'll find various teas served in beautiful lightbulb glasses.

Lightbulb Drinks in Australia

Darling Cafe/Instagram

Melbourne-based Darling Cafe treats customers to colourful lightbulb smoothies to enjoy any time of day.

Lightbulb Drinks in California

Chomp Eatery/Instagram

Lightbulb drinks aren't the only groovy thing served at Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica. The joint dishes up another Instagram favorite: rainbow grilled cheese.

Snow Monster/Instagram

If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area you can head to Snow Monster (which has various locations) for lightbulb boba tea. Get there sooner rather than later as the company has announced they are selling out of the lightbulb glasses.

Lightbulb Drinks in New York

Spot Dessert Bar/Instagram

Spot Dessert Bar is one of the places offering lightbulb drinks at several locations throughout the city. 

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